“A good photo is not always in focus, has perfect colour, crisp or sharp.  A good photo delivers mood, noise, smell & feelings.  A good photo often reminds us of a moment, it conjures up a happiness or sadness, a memory.”

Stephen Bywater

I’ve been taking photos since 2018.  Living in Staffordshire, UK  I take photos for fun and for the creative distraction.  


Since starting photography I have had 4 or 5 my images recognised by the RPS (Royal Photographic Society), and my Street Photo titled “The Unicorn”  was shortlisted in 2021 with the British Photography Awards.   My Photo “Wheatmoor Farm” exhibited at the RBSA Gallery (Royal Birmingham Society of Artists) in 2021.


I try to use some of my photography time to help small businesses, friends and charities with web content or personal projects.  

If you would like me to take photo’s for you I freelance in my spare time and can create a studio setting for portraiture.  I’d be happy to hear your proposal & help.

For my latest projects follow me on Instagram. 


photo: Sutton Park Freight Train Line 2022

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